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About Laura Dahl, LGPC

Have you ever gotten caught up in your thoughts and it seemed to have spiraled out of control?  We all do it and our mind even begins to play tricks on us and lead us to believe those thoughts no matter how unrealistic they may be.      This could come from depression, anxiety, a rough marriage or relationship, family dysfunction and the list goes on.

I am an LGPC, which means, I have completed school and I am on my way to getting my LCPC in the State of Maryland.  I have a passion for working with individuals who have found themselves in a place  they did not plan for.  Helping people find their way back to the lighted path is so important, because many times we open our eyes and find ourselves in the dark forest.  Reframing our focus and understanding how we got there is important and has its place.      I work with individuals to process that, but even more so to focus on what is ahead and the positive that is there right     in the midst of those dark moments.  Our individual perspective impacts how we experience life.  If we look for the     bad, we will only see the bad around us.  However, if we choose to examine life through the lens of seeing the good around us, the surroundings will begin to take on a new life, one that is fulfilling and full of purpose and individual growth.

Life is full of choices and each choice brings its own consequences, whether they are good or bad consequences.  Make a choice today to help and love yourself.  Let’s begin the journey of healing and understanding.


Laura Dahl, LGPC

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