About Mary Brenneman, LCSW-C


Mary Brenneman, LCSW-C, comes to Bodhi bringing 31 years of experience in the field of healthcare.  She began her career in nursing and later branched out into the Mental Health field.  She has supplemented her Masters in Clinical Social Work with continued study at the Maryland Institute for Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.  She brings these three passions together in her approach to counseling, creating a whole person technique to providing therapeutic services.

Mary’s greatest strength is her willingness to engage in lifelong learning, personally and professionally.  She shares what she has learned with clients and in return learns much from them as they together work towards resolution of issues in clients’ lives. 

Mary finds that her training in hypnosis broadens the range of ways she can work with any given problem.  It allows clients to enter a relaxed state in session as they share their experience and work towards personal growth and development.  While not applicable to every client, hypnosis can often be useful in working through anxiety provoking situations or memories.  Hypnosis is a time-honored tool for relaxation and reflection and can deepen the client’s ability to engage in counseling.

Mary’s approach to therapy is well suited to those struggling with chronic illness or pain management; life transitions such as marriage, divorce, or death of a loved one; terminal illness or end of life issues; and adult adoptees. 

Mary’s experience and maturity lend themselves to a diversified clinical experience for her clients.  They benefit, as she has, from multiple life experiences and a fully integrative way of practicing counseling.  Mary enjoys working with clients who are committed to treatment and looking for emotional growth.  She offers a multidimensional approach to treatment using each client’s innate intelligence, playfulness, and sense of humor as they collaborate to bridge the gap between problem and solution. 

















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