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Upcoming Groups & Workshops

Bodhi offers several group formats and topics designed to meet the needs of the community. Below are some of the groups for which we are currently accepting new clients. Check back frequently as group offerings may change.

Girls Middle/Early High School Group:  Middle School into High School is a tough time, and can be particularly anxiety provoking and difficult to navigate for young girls. Coming together with other girls to talk about these experiences and to strengthen social skills can be a beneficial process for most girls in this age range. This group focuses on providing a safe place to find support as girls navigate a time of significant internal and social development.


Grief Group:  Grieving the loss of a loved one can be a particularly lonely path. Often we feel pressured to return to our previous level of functioning far more quickly than we feel able to do so. This group offers a refuge from a world in which your loved one no longer seems present, and from a world that wants you to hurry up and heal. Joining with others in various stages of grief offers a respite from the demands of daily life and a contained space in which to really process and transform your grief.


Suicide Loss Group:  Grieving in and of itself is difficult enough, but when the loss is non-normative such as suicide, homicide, drug overdose, or unknown circumstances, the grief process can be much more complicated. Survivors of suicide loss often feel stigmatized by the larger society and find it difficult to truly express their feelings about the loss of their loved ones. This group offers a supportvie space in which to wrestle with the difficulties inherent in grieving loss by suicide and connects the bereaved with others suffering similar losses. Clinicians at Bodhi are well versed in suicide loss and offer various events throughout the year focused on this unique type of grieving.


Couples Group:  Being in relationship with someone through marriage, civil partnership, or personal commitment can be one of the most difficult and transformative relationships of our life. Often our childhood traumas and family of origin issues are played out in these relationships beneath the surface. Learning to support each other as a couple as you navigate the healing of these own wounds and as you grow throughout life can be the most rewarding experience of a lifetime. Join other couples who are looking to improve their relationship dynamics while learning improved communication and support skills.


If you are interested in any of our current group offerings, or if you have a group you think we should add to our program, please email us at info@bodhicounseling.com or call the office at (443) 877-4044. 


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