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Bodhi (pronounced bo-dee)  
is a Sanskrit word often translated into English as “Enlightenment.”  A more accurate translation might be “awakening.”  Its origin is from the verbal root budh meaning to awake, to become aware, to notice, or to know or understand.  Here at Bodhi, we believe counseling is about aiding a client on the path to understanding him- or herself more fully…awakening to the answers within, so to speak. 

Mental health counseling comes in many different forms.  At Bodhi, the goal is to provide an environment in which ideas are exchanged in an effort to alleviate current stress levels and to promote emotional growth. An exchange of ideas occurs, involving the sharing of perceived problems or issues by the client and knowledge and experience by the counselor.   Whether a client is dealing with a psychiatric disorder, adjustment to a life transition, or simply looking to promote growth and understanding of the self, a strong therapeutic alliance with a knowledgeable and compassionate professional can help to begin a journey toward wellness.  

It is within this compassionate and caring alliance that clients are able to begin healing.  Healing not only addresses the current issue, but serves to apply knowledge gained to new situations as they arise.  The goal is not curing illness, but healing emotional pain.  Healing can transform pain into something great, something life-changing in a positive way. We often perceive situations as painful or difficult without appreciating that it is these very situations that lead to compassion and strength.  Only by confronting and reflecting on the challenges inherent in moments of pain can we truly grow and become something better than we were before the challenge. 

As the lotus, often symbolic of the true soul of an individual, grows up through murky water to bloom in full beauty, so do we become the most beautiful representation of our self when we push through pain and confusion.  Without the environment of muddy water, the lotus would not bloom so fully or in such beauty.  It is the same for us.  Without the pain and emotional challenges we face throughout life, we cannot be awakened to our best selves.

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